How to get more Likes on your Facebook Business Pages

Social Medias play important part in our communication. Facebook is one of the most powerful of these. Therefore, if you can use it properly, Facebook is a fantastic platform for running a business. When you open a Facebook page, getting likes seems like the most important thing. To make your job easy, I will write here about how to get Facebook likes.

How to get Facebook Likes

Following are some simple tips on how to get Facebook likes on your business pages.

Fill out your Facebook Page Properly

This is the first thing you do, although many business page owners neglect this. Fill out every section of your business page with relevant and searchable contents. Your page should include your website, email, phone number, Twitter handle, etc.

Use appropriate keywords for your business on each section of your page.

Moreover, add an iconic photo as your profile picture, which makes your brand instantly recognizable.

Ask your Friends and Family to Like the Page   

Invite all of your Facebook friends to like your page. You should include a polite comment asking people to support your new business. Being nice always produces better results. You can also ask your friends to invite their friends to like the page.

Ask your Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn followers like your Facebook page. Adding a Facebook button to your website could also be helpful.

Physical Promotion

If you have a physical store, you can post stickers in your front windows promoting your Facebook page. You can also include your page URL on your receipts.

Whether you have physical address or not, include the URL of your page on your visiting card.

Post Contents that are Interesting and Interactive

This is one of the best ways to get new members and keep the existing ones. Post interactive and interesting contests on a regular basis. Post photos, videos, relevant articles- things that people will like to share with their friends. If even one member of your page shares a post with his/her friends, your page can get huge exposure.

Moreover, ask questions regularly to the members of your page and try to answer each of them personally. This is sure to increase the views and likes of your page.

Offer Incentives   

Make an offer to the members of your page, such as discounts, or coupons. The offer should be limited to the people who actually liked your page. This will encourage more people to like the page.

For instance, if you run an online blog via Facebook, you can offer the members of your page 10% off on their next purchase from your store.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an excellent way to boost your page likes. You can target specifically to choose who can see your posts. Facebook ads will appear when a person is just browsing and it will make people interested to visit and like your page.

These simple ways should help you to understand how to get Facebook likes. Follow the tips to be successful in your business.